Cheers to Hope!

Happy new year everyone!

As we close the chapter for 2022, we begin to write anew for 2023. We’re finally a week in and all I can think about are the goals I have set for myself this year. This is your wake-up call! Did you begin the year with a list of goals for yourself? Or as most people like to do, “vision boards”?

It’s crazy how most of my life I had elders telling me to “manifest” for the things I want. As I grew up and became more mature in my rational thought, I came to the realization that manifesting and having hope really works for me. You cannot only manifest where you want to be or what you want to have in life, but it’s working towards it or meeting the universe halfway. Trust me when I say, moving to a whole new city that feels more suburban than anything, didn’t give me encouragement or hope at first, but I realized that if I don’t manifest what I want or work towards making my life feel different in a positive way, I would always be unhappy. It’s okay to make your life simple.

In life we go through certain heartache that we are able to work past, grow and soar from. The strength I have is based on the path I’ve walked and yours is too. But how did you get here? From the choices you’ve made or the type of support system you have. 

1 year ago, after moving to Hoover, AL I decided to have hope in what life may hand me or what I choose to do with the card I was dealt. One of my previous blogs noted that creating goals for yourself can help you meet your accomplishments and provide satisfaction as well as help change your situation in the now. 1 year ago, I told myself I would have my first car and home before 2022 came to an end. Fortunately, those manifestations came true because I worked towards them and met the universe halfway. This world is full of opportunities, you need to know when to grab them. 1 year ago, I told myself I would create a life here where I have family and friends to spend time with and I made it happen. 1 year ago, I told myself to make the right financial decisions to help me meet my 1-year goals. Of course, things happen, and we need to splurge on the way, but I stuck to my goals because I knew I still needed to meet the universe halfway. 

If I can manifest and hope for goals that came true in a year, you can too. You just need to work towards it. I’m excited to see my new goals come true before 2023 ends, but for now I’ll enjoy the ride. Cheers to hope for better and constant success in the future!

Until Next Time, Z


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