About Me


It's me, Z and welcome to... My Day to Z!

I'm excited to share my travels, fashion, and other things I like to do in my free time.

My first recommendation: get to know me.
I find that following a blogger is like dating someone. You look to them for advice or life tips, and from time to time you even ask, "babe does this make me look fat?"
So yes, if you're following my blog, we're dating!

My name is Zoya, 
I attend Loyola University Chicago and I love...
➳ Photography, follow my instagram page if you would like! @capture.Z.moment
➳ Traveling
➳ Cooking
➳ Coffee
➳ Spending time with my friends and family, even though they drive my crazy sometimes.
➳ Most of all, I love being able to live in one of my favorite cities: Chicago.
A dream come true!


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