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A Magical - Short Lived - Encounter

Photo By: Zoya Dhanji
2020. What a year it has been!I feel like we all expected this year to be the start of a new roaring 20s. Unfortunately we did not realize that 2020 would turn into… this?So far 2020 has entailed:#1 COVID-19#2 Australia Fires#3 Divorce rates have increased#4 Suicide rates have increased #5 Unemployment is on the rise#6 Social issues coming to light (i.e. BLM)#7 Widespread protests across the country#8 Stimulus Checks #9 Schools have moved to virtual instruction#10 Murder Hornets .... and we’re only in July. Don’t lose hope yet!There are so many negative things that have been happening in the world today, 2020 you have really outdone yourself! Although it has been tough on so many of us, I do believe this year has been a small blessing in disguise. We have all begun to realize how much we miss the world. I have started to appreciate the little things more, like going for a walk or taking a trip to the grocery store. We have all taken advantage of what this life has…

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