Change is Beautiful.

I realized that there’s really only one thing us humans have no capacity of handling, and that my friend is the overwhelming topic of “change”. No not the stuff you find deep in the cushions of your couch or at the bottom of your purse. I’m talking about real change. Life altering scenarios. 

You see, no one likes to admit it but we all have expectations of how things are supposed to end up. We all try to map out this life plan in our minds. Although they may be hypothetical plans, the fantasy sometimes overtakes reality. We feel like daydreaming and clouding our thoughts with all of these hypotheticals (even if it’s a plan for tomorrow) because sometimes we believe the present just isn’t good enough. 

Following the prior statement, it’s funny how in the present we think the future will be better. But even tomorrow, we’ll look back at today and wish we could relive it. 

Nothing will ever be as good as the moment you are in right now because you didn’t anticipate what would come in your path today. But tomorrow, things can change. Never foreshadow your future unless you think you have the magical powers to do so. 

Not to sound cliché, but change can be a beautiful thing. You have to embrace the fact that things might end up more different than we expected. The only thing you can do if this does happen, is to react and adjust in the best way possible. Although there’s change, as humans our instant reaction is to mourn and then pursue the lifestyle of survival of the fittest. Let’s try to skip the mourning period. Believe that this change was meant to happen for the better. 

“Growth is Painful. Change is Painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong” - Mandy Hale

Find your coping mechanism, find ways to tell yourself that change might not always be a bad thing. Maybe your path changed because it was meant to. 

Until next time, Z


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