Breathe it. Speak it. Believe it. Manifest it.

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!!


Let's all hope 2021 has a lot more in store for us than 2020 (in a positive light of course). 


I picked my word of the year, and I want you to think of yours. You don't need to share it with anyone if it’s personal but always look back at it. 


I want you to write down your word as well as the first five things you’d like to work on for this year (New Year’s Resolution). Whether it’s having that dream job, finding your soulmate, reading 100 books in a year, reaching a certain amount of views on your podcast, working out, eating healthy, etc. 


Breathe it, speak it, believe it and manifest it into existence.


A part of us tends to fight the urge of completing certain goals because we believe it won’t reach the level of perfection we expect. We have a fear of failure. Fear can really take over the way we perceive reality, life and how we conduct our behavior on a day to day basis.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” - FDR


Fear can always be something such as a fear of heights, fear of not passing the most important exam of your life, fear of not getting into your dream school, or even the fear of not being the definition of success this society pressures us to be.


We are all prone to losing sight of our goals when the roadblock of fear stops us. This is when we come to the realization that sometimes our goals (even for the new year) might seem far fetched. Once you build the goal into your everyday routine, it’ll become more of a positive result rather than an anticipated fear. 


Take control and believe you can achieve the top 5-10 things on your list for this year, because no one is stopping you but yourself. Remember you can’t blame others for your own lack of motivation. It always starts from within.


Believe you can do it. Plant it in your mind, look in the mirror every day and tell yourself you can do it. Speak it into existence and then only you will be motivated enough to reach your own goals. Yes, we can always speak things out into existence and hope the law of attraction is on our side, but it’ll only work if you meet the law halfway. Just like any relationship, reciprocating that effort is key and results in a successful companionship. Make the law your companion. 


If you feel as though some days it’s challenging to complete your goal, remind yourself why you made that goal in the first place. I’m assuming it was to aim for success whether in your social life, academic life, career path or more. 

Push yourself to meet the accomplishment. Although it might seem challenging that one day, you’ll appreciate yourself more for achieving the goal no matter what. You know if you don’t, you’ll feel guilty the next day and ultimately lose motivation to continue. If you believe this cycle to be true, if it does apply to you, stop the cycle before it starts. It’s a new year, start anew. Yes, we can change ourselves any day or any time. But as a society, the new year is a symbol of a new beginning. We believe it to be a fresh start for ourselves, and whether you think that’s dumb or not, it works. Everything is a mind block - fight the fears and your internal demons telling you, you can’t do it, because we all know if you put your mind to it, you can. 


Breathe it, speak it, believe it and manifest it into existence. Make it become a dream come true. I can always believe in you, but you need to believe in yourself first. Believe in the limitless possibilities this life can offer.


Until next time, Z



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