What size you wear? I wear 8s.

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… or 8.5 depending on shoe type or brand of course.

No this is not a blog about shoes, but a blog about stepping into someone else’s shoes. 

Looking from someone else’s perspective. 


The title was inspired by Eminem’s lyrics from Beautiful 


“But I already told you my whole life story

Not just based on my description

'Cause where you see it from where you're sitting

Is probably a hundred and ten percent different

I guess we would have to walk a mile

In each other's shoes, at least

What size you wear? I wear tens

Let's see if you can fit your feet”

This is Eminem, full of emotion, asking you to step in his shoes and see his life from his perspective.

You know, as humans we all overthink, we all have curiosity, sometimes too much, but we also have a heart. 

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you see someone walking down the street, maybe not wearing, drinking, or eating the same thing as you. What did you picture? I won’t call you out, but I know what you were thinking.

Picture yourself in that person’s shoes, no you might not want to be in their shoes or life whatsoever, but this is how we empathize. Would you want to be in his/her position? Hmm, no probably not. 

Why? Now you see how hard it is living a certain lifestyle you wouldn’t call your own.

We’re human. We tend to assume or judge things/people when it was never our authority to do so.

You never know how that person’s life is, you never knew how they grew up, what ethics or responsibilities of life they were taught. 

The above scenario might have been too extreme, stepping into someone else’s shoes does not have to apply to a stranger, but it can apply to your loved ones, friends or even acquaintances. 

We were all born and raised differently and as a result we all view things logically in our own way. I might not agree with your point of view, but it is your point of view. I might not agree with it, but I will never judge. 

Eminem’s message emphasizes on living life in hard times, the struggles he’s been through and what he had to do to get to where he is. If you’ve seen 8 mile, you know Eminem’s life in the beginning was trying. He looked different, had a different story than many others around him, spit his own perspective and words out, dressed differently, but always asked to not be judged by how he looks or thinks. He requests you to just listen, to understand. Step in his shoes, see how hard his life was, and no need to sympathize but only empathize. 

We have all been through trying times, whether it’s to the smallest of things such as, losing a connection with a friend or parents getting a divorce to the biggest thing of things such as losing someone you love or being homeless. We try to move past the negativity and move on. So leave the material things, leave the misconceptions and assumptions behind. Be understanding. Look beyond what you see at face value, and try to understand the other person's mind. Dig deeper, look inside someone’s heart rather than judging a book by it’s cover. 

So from now on, I invite you to step in the other person’s shoes. If you don’t, just like Eminem says your opinion and perspective is probably a hundred and ten percent different from the person’s reality of life. See life from their perspective, empathize, and understand. Isn’t this what makes us human? Perhaps, if we live in unity, our humanity will continue to exist in utter bliss, harmony, empathy, care, and human to human connection. We all come from a womb, let’s embrace our differences.

Until next time, Z



  1. I’m so proud of the wise and kind human you have evolved into! Love your blogs and look forward to next Friday for the next one.

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