What is trust? How do we, in our society today, define... trust?

Is it a debate of nature versus nurture? Meaning is it something you’re born with? Or something you learn from experience?


I believe every human being is capable of having the potential of being honest, caring, trustworthy, and loving. If your heart does not feel the need to provide these things in each relationship, your past experiences have taught you so.


Our whole lives we can always blame our parents for the way they have raised us, where we come from and “what made me who I am today”. There’s only so many times you can pull this card. I believe when you turn 18, marking adulthood, you are accountable for your own actions. No more blaming, no more pointing the fingers. My mom always tells me, when you point a finger at someone else, you have three pointing right back at you. Seeing where you went wrong, and not just accusing is very big of you. Admitting what you did was wrong or right shows true character. Being accountable. This is the key word: accountability. Being responsible for your actions. 


Why did I mention the above and why does it relate to trust? Let me tell you.

Your actions speak louder than words. Your actions whether good or bad affect the people around you. It starts a domino effect of causing pain leading to trust issues.


Look at any general relationship. If you take away trust and honesty, you take away the foundation of any relationship. Be aware, think 5 steps ahead. Think of the repercussions you and the ones you affect will have to face by starting a chain of events such as trust issues. 


Know where your actions affect others, be cautious. Be Selfless. 


I’m not saying I’m the expert at this, no one is. We all make mistakes but standing up and taking accountability is where I see strong character. I promise myself and others that I will think five steps ahead before I speak or act, I will practice what I preach. I want you to promise yourself the same thing, say it out loud. Everything from there on out will become so much easier, I promise. If there’s something holding you back from that growth, appreciate what it’s taught or given you and walk away with grace.


Until next time, Z



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