Be the Change You Wish to See in Yourself.

Photo by: Ashraf Kassim

 There are times in life when we begin to overthink. There are times when we don’t want to face our reality, but most of all we don’t want to face ourselves. What I mean by this, is we don’t want to face our truths, lies, wants, needs, or even desires. 


We fall into places where we feel helpless and scared. For instance, making a life altering decision we feel we’re not ready for. What stops us is judgment from others and fear of failure. You never know till you try, right?


We all have our own paths in life, take yours at your own pace and forget what others tell you. Take advice when needed, but leave judgment behind. Life can be scary, let’s face our inhibitions and embrace the unknown.


If you will indulge me, for a split second you put life on pause. Put your worries on pause, your anger, sadness, hobbies and the things that make you who you are on pause. The things that form your emotions and bring you to reach your highest potential...


...for a split second, not more.


You might want to do things that will make you forget all your worries in the world, you might lean towards a negative path, and deter from your path of fate. Don’t let the monster control you, don’t let your negative emotions control you. Sometimes it’s good to go with the flow…..let life take you.


After my second year of college I chose to change my career path completely. Of course I had judgment from others: “Don’t do this, you won’t make it”, “You will not make enough money”, “This path is a hit or miss you never know if it will work out”. But isn’t it my risk to take? Maybe things do happen for a reason?

I decided to ignore the judgments and opinions because I realized this is my life to live, not theirs. Make yourself happy, but also do what’s right for you. Of course, during this process I was scared. I realized as long as I am passionate about one thing, I will be motivated enough to reach the top. 


Life will not wait for you, the longer you wait the more you’ll have to play catch up. 


I’m not saying “don’t take your time”.

We all live life at our own pace, but don’t take advantage of life’s niceness, because time will not be patient with you. Explore your options, be adventurous in everything you do. Live your life.


The definition of life is when we have the capacity to grow with continual change. Not just physically but mentally too. 


You’re a flower that’s blooming. We all make mistakes, but we live and we learn. Be kind to yourself and continue to water yourself with love and positivity. Be the best version of yourself, become optimistic and Move Forward. By optimism, I mean not wallowing in a negative space, but taking the positive from it. Learning from it and being able to move forward. Forget about the judgements, forget about what others have to say. 


This is your path, your life. Take it how you please, and go at your own pace. If you work on it, things will fall into place. This is what will help you truly grow…


Don’t wait to make the change, do it now. 


Until next time, Z



  1. Amazing!! Great perspective demonstrated in this writing on how we as humans should live our lives


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