Exceed the Expectation.

For this generation and the next generation, I am here to tell you this… be a RISK TAKER. Be AMBITIOUS. Never EVER let anyone tell you otherwise. 

There is no rule that says you shouldn’t be “too” ambitious.


Do’s and Don’ts to becoming a risk taker and being ambitious:

1.   Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too smart for your age; of course if they say it in a negative way. If it is positive take it as a compliment, but always remember that being too smart is awesome. 

2.   Don’t let the jealousy of others make you feel as if you need to dumb down your intelligence. Make that brain of yours shine!

3.   Do something to make yourself proud.

4.   Do put yourself out there, the result will be extraordinary. 

5.   Do realize your potential and the mark you want to leave in this world. 

6.   Do have standards and an ethical mindset.

7.   Do pursue your dreams…

8.   ….Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


If you see yourself growing, please let it happen. Never put your life on pause because you feel like you need to do so for others. 

Trust me, the world will not wait for you. 


I’m not saying some people are smart and some are not. I am emphasizing the fact that we all grow at different times. Everyone goes at their own pace. One person is not better than the other. We are all equal, we just all find our way at different times in life. 


Some find their passion at 6, some at 20, some at 40 or even 60. 


Be ambitious. Set your bars high, no one else will do that for you. Push hard, work hard, and be inclined to learn more. Gain new experiences and want to make a difference. Whether it is in your own life or making a mark on someone else’s. Show your true self, never hide your beauty, confidence, intelligence, or honesty from others. There will always be people who are envious or intimidated by you, and that is ok. Continue to live your life and become the person you want to be. Reach your highest potential. Those who are jealous will be holding themselves back, let yourself grow in the meantime and they will realize and follow later. 


One thing to always be sure of: Don’t lose a sense of your morality throughout this journey. Life does have white, black and even grey areas. Knowing the grey areas are important and knowing when to step into those grey areas are also just as important. I say you shouldn’t, but that’s your call. Transparency is important. 


Be very mindful about what people do or have done for you. If they left you in the wrong after the fact, that is ok. Never forget the opportunities they have set before you. Always be thankful, always be the bigger person, and never ever let your animosity overtake your intellectual thought process. Be rational. Be level headed. Rationality has no age limit. 


Let them be jealous of what you can offer to the world. You are our future leaders, we are the future. As you expect from any other leader, lead your life and others with full confidence, maturity, care, honesty, and always be humble. 


“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” -Steve Jobs.


Until next time, Z


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