Michigan Shenanigans!

Mckenna and I || Photo By: Kendall Kupferberg

Have you ever seen such a beautiful night? I can almost kiss the stars for shining so bright” 

Yes, I just used a Lizzie Mcguire quote. Why? That top line pretty much sums up what I said after seeing a sky full of stars in Leland, Michigan!

Yes, it’s another traveling blog! This last week has been packed with many great experiences. I want to give a big shout out to my amazing host Mckenna Slater and her parents for such a wonderful time! 


My roommates and I decided to drive from Chicago, IL to Mckenna’s family cottage in Leland, MI. The drive was an adventure, of course we had to stop for Culver’s on the way! I ordered their Butter Burger meal and it was so good! 

As we began to approach the cottage all I could see around me was greenery and a lake where I saw many boats sailing up and down the stream. 

The second we turned into the driveway I knew that the next two days would be peaceful. It was like our own oasis, a little getaway for the girls. The cottage was beautiful. We had everything we could ever need right there. 

The front porch we sat on, almost all day, was made by Mckenna’s dad and his college friends which I thought was really cool! Nicole and Persia are shown in the photo below sitting on the porch! 

Persia with her mom, Nicole!

We went for a hike at Clay Cliffs Natural Area where the views were to die for! There were so many trees and open fields of grass. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves! Here's a series of photos from our hike... see it through my eyes and enjoy!

Kendall in her Element

After a couple of days, we drove down towards Troy, MI which is where Mckenna’s family lives. On our way out of Leland, we stopped by the 45th Parallel which is the Halfway point between the Equator and North Pole!

In Troy we went on boat rides, tubing, exploring the Detroit area (we all know I’m a big Eminem fan), and the most important thing we did was celebrate Mckenna’s 21st! 


What a great week. Michigan, I definitely underestimated you and now I can appreciate you so much more! I felt like I was one with nature.


Until next time, Z



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