Having E. I.

What does it mean to have emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is when you are able to define your own emotions as well as be empathetic to others around you and understand their emotions as well.


Step into someone else’s shoes. Being able to see the world, see life, from someone else’s perspective can be game changing. You believe you want everyone to understand you, know how you’re feeling, know what you’re thinking and the actions you’ll take next. NO one can read your mind. Don’t expect others to understand you the way you understand yourself, remember only have expectations of yourself. It is important to gain an understanding of your own emotions, your own flaws, the things that make you tick and set you back. Once you begin learning how to “read yourself” things in life will seem to go much smoother.


Putting your walls down, opening up your subconscious and back doors of the mind you didn’t know could even be there. There are so many little things in your past that you might have locked up and put away. It’s your past. It already happened, it’s upsetting, heartbreaking, etc. You cannot go back in time and change what you have experienced. We must move on. We must move forward. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve won’t help you in making peace with your past as it will only pull you back into a vicious cycle of blame and regret. Being successful in your personal life is being able to forgive but not forget the past. The mistakes that have been made before, should not be repeated again. This is why we never forget. It can be a challenge to emotionally move on and overcome those sorrows, but time well spent, along with living a healthy lifestyle will heal those wounds.


That being said, we all have a past, Some consist of days filled with thunder and rain and others with rainbows and butterflies. Being able to step into someone else’s shoes and understanding their perspective, their feelings, how they cope and how they react is vital in fostering and maintaining a healthy relationship, whether romantically or otherwise. Knowing what makes them tick. This is having emotional intelligence. None of us know it all, but make the effort to understand yourself and those around you. 


This will better your interpersonal relationship skills as well as give yourself the opportunity to take good care of yourself. Be there for others as you would for yourself, we’re all human and we all have things that get to us. Let’s support each other and build each other up.


Until next time, Z



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