A Magical - Short Lived - Encounter

Photo By: Zoya Dhanji

2020. What a year it has been!


I feel like we all expected this year to be the start of a new roaring 20s. Unfortunately we did not realize that 2020 would turn into… this?


So far 2020 has entailed:

#1 COVID-19

#2 Australia Fires

#3 Divorce rates have increased

#4 Suicide rates have increased 

#5 Unemployment is on the rise

#6 Social issues coming to light (i.e. BLM)

#7 Widespread protests across the country

#8 Stimulus Checks 

#9 Schools have moved to virtual instruction

#10 Murder Hornets 


.... and we’re only in July. Don’t lose hope yet!


There are so many negative things that have been happening in the world today, 2020 you have really outdone yourself! 


Although it has been tough on so many of us, I do believe this year has been a small blessing in disguise. We have all begun to realize how much we miss the world. I have started to appreciate the little things more, like going for a walk or taking a trip to the grocery store. We have all taken advantage of what this life has to offer us, but we haven’t stood back and really thought about the fact that the world is indirectly telling us to show some more gratitude. 


I’m sure in the past few months there have been moments you will never forget because those were the highlights for you in such a negative year. You learn to have gratitude for the little things in life that make you smile, even slightly.


I had one of those moments myself yesterday. A moment of gratitude, with finding beauty during hard times. 

I left work yesterday around 5 PM and as I was putting my belongings in my brother Zayn’s car, I looked up and saw the cutest dog. Clean fur, no collar, just roaming around outside a COVID-19 testing site. I couldn’t believe my eyes, a beautiful white and black furred dog just walking around by herself? My brother and I sat there for about half an hour to see if the dog’s owner would claim her but no one showed. We tried calling shelters and none were open. Our plan C came into action -> we brought her home for the night. Of course, I had to give her a name because how else would I call her? Pazookie. Zookie for short. 

Photo By: Zayn Dhanji

I gave her a shower at home, she was so well behaved, and really loved belly rubs! She felt anxious being in a cage, so I slept with Pazookie on the couch. 


This morning as I went to work again, my brother Zayn first brought Pazookie to me so I could say bye and then he took her to the Humane Society. My time with Pazookie was a magical - short lived - encounter. 

Photo By: Zayn Dhanji

I feel like I was put in Pazookie’s path to help her, but really, she helped me. She helped me see that there are so many beautiful surprises that come out of nowhere in life. Never look for it. When you have it, figure out what to do with it. We all have choices. I chose to pick Pazookie up, put her in my car and not look back because I knew I was making the right decision for her. I know myself, and I knew there was a possibility of getting attached, but I couldn’t let that get in the way of helping her. After just one night, I definitely got attached because I subconsciously took her in as mine. All day today I was bummed out about giving her to the Humane Society. Then I realized: I need to show more gratitude. I need to appreciate that I did get that time with her, even though I crave more. She reminded me so much of my dog Nina who passed away on February 3, 2013. 


I’m so grateful that I felt a little glimpse of puppy love even if it didn’t last for too long. 


Show appreciation, love life, take advantage of it’s surprises, and look forward to the positive outcomes. 


Pazookie, I hope you find a family who loves your playfulness and affection just as much as I did!


Until Next Time, Z



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