Finding Positivity in the Negativity

Picture By: Zoya Dhanji

Being able to find positivity in a negative situation takes a lot of strength, motivation, and an optimistic mindset. 


Now how can we get there? 

1.   Do not have high expectations of others, only yourself. 

2.   Focus on your own goals.

3.   Question your negative thoughts.

4.   Find a solution rather than focusing on the problem.

5.   Create some of your own positive mantras that can get you through the day.


In a negative situation, many of us tend to overthink our current circumstances and the outcomes that are possible from them. I do believe everything happens for a reason. With that being said, it is best to let things flow. Of course, don’t just let go and give up on trying to make the  situation better. Just sitting there, pondering over your own thoughts can have negative effects when you do too much of it. Being able to tell yourself “hey stop going 100 mph, and just relax” is very important in maintaining one's mental health during stressful times. I know I can be like that, I have thoughts running through my head all the time. I realized that I tend to stress out about things that are usually out of my control. I tend to feel more pressure when someone else has control over a situation that can affect me. 


If you are ever in that situation, pull yourself out of your negative thoughts. If you don’t have control over the situation, there’s nothing you can do but wait till the other person formulates a conclusion of their own. 


If you are in a negative situation because you are in control of it, don’t stress too much. I suggest you take a step back and look at the situation at hand from a bird’s eye view. If you had to provide advice to a friend in a similar situation, what would you say? What would you advise them to do? This is where you begin to practice what you preach. You go from point A to point B like driving from your current location to your final destination. Find the root of the problem (point A) and come up with a solution (point B).You are the entrepreneur of your own life. That job description aims at taking a problem and finding a solution. 


At the end of the day, we are in control of our own lives. No one can control you, remember this. You cannot blame others for your own mistakes. Take accountability for your own actions. Remember, as stated before, Take a step back, analyze the situation, find the problem and aim for a solution. 


A negative situation can be hard in the moment, but a little while down the road after it's all over, you may think to yourself, “I’m glad I went through that, because I learned something”.

You’ll realize that with everything you go through in life, there is a lesson to be learned. Trust me, we tend to hate the process, but those are the life experiences which have made you who YOU are today and that will continue to shape you in the years to come as YOU continue to grow. Trust the process. 


Now after knowing all this, do you regret those times of hardship now? 


There’s a lesson to learn from almost every aspect of our lives, whether positive or negative. It’s the negative ones that hurt the most which we usually overthink. 


No one has fought the battle you have, but that’s what makes you special. That is what sets you apart from the rest. Never think less of yourself. 


We’re all a seed in the ground. The more negative experiences in life you get hit with (rain from the sky), the more you will grow. All the way until you bloom into a beautiful flower, or an individual with experience and wisdom you can someday share with others around you. Take advantage of your growth, because we all sprout in different ways.


Until next time, Z



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