The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction…

What is it?

Why should I care?

How do I apply it to my everyday life?


First, I give full credit to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Second, it’s something we should all live by, and third the law of attraction is working at all times whether you know it or not. 


The law of attraction is the energy you give out to the universe which tends to always come back. Like Karma or the boomerang effect: what you do to others will come right back around to you whether it is positive or negative. Rather than the energy that you give to others would come back to you, the law of attraction is the energy YOU give out to the WORLD and YOURSELF which comes back to bite you, or throw you in a positive direction. 


Many of us tend to become more negative in our thoughts when things do not go our way, or when we do not want to higher our expectations just waiting for them to be torn down and our hopes along with it. I learned that through the law of attraction, yes you can have low expectations in others, but expect a lot from yourself. The energy and the thoughts you give off from yourself usually come back to you. If you keep telling yourself “I won’t get that job”, “I’ll never be able to afford the car I want”, “Dropping 40 pounds? Haha that’s a joke, right?


I believe once you put your mind to something, especially if it results in impacting your own life in a positive way, you can do it. Mind over matter, right?


If you continue to tell yourself “If I work hard, I will get that job or that promotion”, “If I want those nice things, I have to work hard to get there and I will”, “I can totally get fit if I workout consistently”. Just like making time to workout, make the time to think positively. Use the law of attraction for your betterment. 


If you think it, if you believe it, if you visualize, and your mind grasps it, it will and can happen. Grab onto the positive light and see where it takes you. 


For example, I worked very hard the last (I lost count) few months in trying to find an internship for this summer. Although many internships were canceling due to COVID-19, I told myself I cannot use that as an excuse to give up on the search because employers will “dismiss” the gap in my resume. Instead, I said “challenge accepted”, and began to search more and so much harder. I wanted to meet my goal in getting an internship, and I said it to the universe, I thought positive thoughts. I knew if I pushed hard, and decided to show no gap in my resume, employers would notice that I tried my best to gain a role in a company of my choice. I can gladly say, I met my goal and landed an internship this summer. The world will throw many challenges your way. It’s the way you react to those challenges that will make you who you are. This in turn, will drive you to success. Spread positivity, receive positivity. 


I learned, you don’t ever get handed anything in life. It comes with hard work, and that hard work stems from discipline, which then stems from the positive energy and outlook you have on life. I like to believe everything happens for a reason. If something didn’t work out, there’s nothing wrong with you. As long as you get up and try again and work towards moving forward. You will see that something better is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

Until next time, Z



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