Perfectly Imperfect

Cultivating Positive Body Image

Body image. The term to describe how we as individuals view our bodies in a subjective way. 

I know even if I say, we’re all perfect, you won’t believe it. Honestly, I don’t either. Just like Hannah Montana said, “nobody’s perfect”. The concept of being perfect is a little funny. 

Isn’t being imperfect, perfect in its own way? Just like how being normal is weird and being weird is your own normal? A little confusing, I know, but just think about it. 


Most of us are raised to express ourselves in some way, shape or form. No matter what, your loved ones will say “I think you’re beautiful who cares what other people have to say”, but you say “you’re my family member you have to say that”. Yet, we still care about what other people think and how they view us. You have to realize it might sound cheesy, but the only opinion that really matters is the one staring back at you in the mirror. If that person does not love what they see, then there’s either something you need to work on, or you need to learn to love yourself more and understand that you carry a lot more value than you think.


Once you step back and look at yourself for who you truly are, you realize you’re “perfect” in your own way. Why? Because you are YOU. No one else can ever be YOU., You’re unique in your own way. So own it. 


Many of us struggle with body image, and trust me I have definitely been one of those people most of my life. I have never been pleased. Although I have always struggled with my body image in the past, I can gladly say I have never substituted the “dislike” towards my body with any harsh habits which would affect my body, producing an eating disorder. Of course, no judgment to those of you who do, or have in the past. But if you are one of those people, STOP. 


I promise you, you may want to look like that instagram model that you’ve seen on your feed, but it is pretty unhealthy physically and mentally to make such comparisons. We may see these models as people that have it all, when in reality many of them suffer from their own mental and physical battles of constantly wondering whether they are good enough based on how many likes they get on a social media post. First of all, if you are engaging in any unhealthy acts, then stop immediately. It is better to have a healthy body and healthy mind rather than working for a body that we see as “perfect” because of what others on the outside world deem as “perfect”. You have to realize, we all have different body types.  


Body image affects our self esteem greatly. Don’t let it consume you. Be that confident man or woman I know you are. As long as you are healthy, that’s all that matters. Take action by making an effort to mold your physical body into what you would like it to be. Everyone’s goals for why they would like to look physically better are different. Find your reason, let that fuel your motivation for taking action, then let those healthy actions become a part of your lifestyle. You will develop discipline in your routine and will eventually reach your desired goal. 


For those of you who have lost your motivation due to being under quarantine, don’t use this as an excuse to sit on the couch and do nothing all day watching Netflix. Even though gyms are closed, go for a run outside, look up home workouts on YouTube. There are so many things we can do to increase our confidence, love ourselves, and boost our energy. If you consistently try to exercise you will have a healthy body and it will aid you in developing a healthy mind. I swear it works. At least it worked for me. 


If you need some type of motivation to exercise during this time, check out my brother, Zayn’s, last few instagram videos Here. He will kick the motivation in you and kick out any ounce of negativity you have for yourself. You want to do something to change yourself in any way? It won’t be easy, but don’t beat yourself up and DO NOT take the easy way out. Learn to motivate yourself to exercise more, eat healthier, write up a schedule/plan for yourself to stay busy. It will help. 


If you have any further questions, or need advice, I’m always here. Please shoot me an email at, or DM me Here on instagram. I promise anything you message me will be held at the highest level of confidentiality. I will never judge you. Please reach out if you need anything! 

Until next time, Z



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