Lisbon ~ Another Tatt On My Passport

Hi everyone! It's me, Z!
I just wanted to take a moment to step away from all of the serious talk (like my last three blogs), and talk about something a little more fun: Traveling!

If you say you do not like to travel, I do not believe you! I know you love any opportunity to tatt that passport. 

Amongst some of my travels, I can say Lisbon, Portugal is one of my favorite cities to visit. 

My recommendations:

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Hotel stay: Lisbon Arsenal Suites
    • Why: the rooms have a modern look, yet portray a certain part of history on Arsenal street within each room. While staying in this area, we were able to feel the culture and it’s lively vibe. 

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Tuk Tuk tour 
    • Why: Let me tell you, the people in Lisbon were so nice, and from the tours I noticed that they live a carefree life and live to honor those who have helped build Lisbon into what it is today. Although there is a language barrier, they will try their best to understand you, so try to meet them halfway. 

Photo By Sinan Kassim
  • Drink Espresso EVERYDAY!
    • Why: because you should, it's the culture dude. Also, Espresso will keep you energized throughout your day when venturing out. But remember, sip on it and enjoy it. If you take it like a shot, people will definitely look at you weird, because remember it’s a laid back lifestyle. Learn to kick back and enjoy that espresso slowly.

Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Visit Pasteis de Belém 
    • YUM!!! Lisbon is known for their small egg tart pastry. Pasteis de Belém is the first pastry shop to serve pastel de nata. Egg for dessert? Yikes right? It is a type of egg custard wrapped in a croissant like bread. Definitely give it a chance! I personally had to grab one anytime I came across one. 
  • Eat the seafood!
    • Why: Since Lisbon is near the water, they like to take advantage of Bacalhau, which is a fish they tend to catch a lot of. Eating seafood near the ocean, what else could you ask for? 

Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Visit Alfama
    • Why: Alfama is a really big tourist spot full of shops and beautiful artwork made on the streets. In Alfama lies the highest point, Largo da Graça. The view is just beautiful, you see all of the buildings from a birds eye view and all you see are bright and warm colors. The city really provides a warm and lively feeling. 

Photo By Ashraf Kassim
Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Buy a ceramic Tile
    • Why: These tiles are hand painted and most buildings cover their walls in these tiles. You will also notice while exploring that there is a pattern of black and while tiles on the streets, making a pattern, which symbolize many different things.

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Visit Cascais
    • Why:  It is located on the Portugeuse Riviera. Could you imagine living on a beautiful beach with your feet touching the sand and the sound of waves soothing to your ears. Of course, it might sound a little bit like living on a beach in Florida, but this was different. There was a sort of peaceful energy in the air, a carefree way to live.

Pena Palace || Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Visit the Pena Palace in Sintra
    • Why: Sintra is also known for being a big tourist spot, the main attraction is the Pena Palace. While walking through, you get a good feel of the history of how people lived before. Fun Fact: They were very short, which is why you will notice many of the doors were short in length. 

Cabo da Roca || Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Visit Cabo da Roca
    • Why: This is the westernmost point in Europe. The energy is different here, the air is different. This is where I really felt that Lisbon is like heaven on earth. There were fields of grassy mountains that stretched far. It felt like a scene from the Sound of Music (although it was taken in Austria, but please tell me you have seen it, and if you have not go watch it now!).

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Visit the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument
    • Why: This monument portrays Portuguese exploration to India and the East side. It’s beautiful:

Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument || Photo By Zoya Dhanji

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Visit Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benfica
    • Why: If you’re a soccer fan, you have to see this stadium. Take a tour! There are so many little details that were used to create this stadium which overall makes it look wonderful! Plus you get to meet the mascot: an Eagle which they let go of to fly a circle around the stadium before each game.

Sé Lisbon Cathedral || Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Visit Cathedrals 
    • Why: there are so many beautiful cathedrals you will see while exploring Lisbon. My family and I visited the Sé Lisbon Cathedral during our tuk tuk tour and we decided to check it out. The gothic architecture was very cool. We walked in and lit a candle for each of us. 
  • Visit the Christ the King Statue
    • Why: this statue, which overlooks Lisbon, was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer Statue from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It is a must see! 

  • Tram 28
    • Why: this is one of Lisbon’s oldest modes of transportation and locals still use it today. My family and I took it from the city all the way to Alfama.  

Photo By Ashraf Kassim
  • Walk the streets and explore
    • Why: Become one with the city. Start to walk around and learn some of the routes. I promise any street you end up on, whether you turn right or left, there is always something new to see. You see people eating at restaurants on the streets enjoying their company, with no worries in the world. It is definitely something to see and appreciate. Get lost in the streets. I know in Alfama, with all of the looped in streets, my family and I enjoyed getting lost a bit...

Photo By Zoya Dhanji
  • Packing
    • Remember, when traveling you can always buy something that you forgot back at home. Try to not over pack, because trust me you will want to buy many new things where you are going. I ended up making outfits with what I bought on the streets. Just remember, don’t forget your underwear and always pack a plain black and plain white shirt with you. You can always mix and match those with any outfit!

Until next time, Z


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